MedixPlus UK is your point of access and guidance into high Scandinavian-quality yet affordable Healthcare Services in Estonia and Finland. Partnering with only the best clinics MedixPlus offers customizable packages comprising the provision of premium health-care and integrated services.

Our integrated services include:

  • Accommodation arrangements conveniently located within a short distance of our clinics
  • Catering services including options for specific dietary needs
  • On-site transportation arrangements including specialized assistance for customers with
  • mobility restrictions
  • Touristic services informed by medical advice on a case-specific basis


Capitalising on the expertise of the most qualified, experienced and recognised practitioners in our countries MedixPlus is the official representative for all the main clinics in Estonia and in Finland, including: Fertilitas, Christinas Clinic, Nova Vita and Tampere Heart Hospital.


How do I get started ?
  • Fill out our online form and our representative will contact you to arrange a preliminary GP consultation free of charge
  • Alternatively, e-mail clinic@medixplus.co.uk or call us 079 4870 0417 and our representative will arrange a preliminary GP consultation free of charge for you
  • Further consultations will take place via e-mail, web (Skype), phone and on site in the clinic; whenever necessary additional medical specialists will be involved in the consultation process


We take care of the rest by:

  • Obtaining medical opinions
  • Scheduling conference calls with your doctors
  • Scheduling your admission into the Clinic/Hospital
  • Making arrangements for your transportation, accommodation and other local services
  • Offering all the assistance and information you might require


With local representatives in United Kingdom MedixPlus offers friendly customer service in your own language, endeavouring always to find the best solution for your specific needs. With us your confidentiality is 100% guaranteed, as we strictly do not share information with any third parties. So if you are looking for the highest quality treatment, the most reliable integrated services and the best value abroad you have just found it!



  • Our clinics perform thousands of procedures per year
  • Our surgeons are highly qualified and fully registered
  • Our prices are up to 70% lower than local prices in Western Europe countries
  • We operate with a strict policy of no hidden charges
  • We offer customer service in your own language thus ensuring maximally efficient communication
  • Our state-of-the-art facilities provide the most modern and advanced equipment
  • Free consultations within 24 – 48 hours
  • Availability and short surgery-booking times
  • During your stay in Estonia or Finland our team always remains available and accessible to you, taking a maximum of 24 hours to resolve any enquiries
  • Always informed by pre- and post-treatment medical advice MedixPlus offers guided tours in Estonia during your stay